Being cynical will kill your business!

being cynical bad for business

As a vocal music major, I was expected to sing in front of all my peers every couple weeks and get”feedback” from them as to what I was doing wrong, what I was doing, how I could do better, why I should not wear that outfit again… yeah- kid you not.

Discuss wrapping all my main fears up in one large package and then grading me. I truly struggled with”Seminar” not just for the way my peers judged me, but for how I started judging my peers throughout their performances. “How did SHE make it in into his app?” “Poor guy, he’s got no chance in the real world.” She thinks she is amazing, but her voice sounds like an old granny.” I tried my best not to say these things out loud, but it does not mean I did not believe them or let them affect me.

My music career ended before it started because I allow cynicism to take over and I lost the psychological head game. I let what other folks think of me and my abilities completely strip away the joy. (I am slowly regaining my pleasure in songs, but this is a story for another day… but we continue).

As creative entrepreneurs, we all are living in this weird space where our craft is our livelihood and is something very personal and essential to us.

How to change your thinking from cynicism and watch your company bloom again:

Recognise the discontent and the propensity to judge others, and attempt to reverse this habit.

Can allow you to change course emotionally and will prevent you from self-destructing.

Be honest with yourself about fantasies you have pushed down due to fear of what others will think. Write out everything you might need to do or ways you’d want to cultivate your business if none of your peers could see.

Pinpoint distinct voices that are”negative voices” in your lifetime. Perhaps now is the time to invest time around those voices. You can control what comes into mind, and sometimes that means physically removing yourself from a distance. Your mind game is SO strong, and this is something that you will need to be intentional about shielding.

Schedule time to do something creative and fun OUTSIDE of your business area. Have a cooking course, paint, do cartwheels through the mall. Our creativity is not confined to a single field, and we will need to find ways to exercise it as much as possible!

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