Choosing the right B2B sales framework

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The sales industry is a profession that has been around for a long time. For how long? Well… as long as people have been selling things, really. All salespeople know that there is a considerable amount of sales methodologies out there. You may be familiar with some of them, like door-to-door knocking, for example. But there are endless ways of selling things, and you need to find the right framework for your own business. For example, if you were an Australian welded mesh manufacturer, you wouldn’t use the same sales tactics as if you sold make-up.

Which are the most popular B2B sales frameworks?

Solution selling

Solution selling is all about helping buyers identify any pain-points in their business, and the impact it has on their organisation. The opportunity that is you, as the seller, can suggest solutions for improvement. By asking the right questions, you can direct the buyer down the path of visualising your product or services as the solution. To use the welded wire mesh example again, it could be sold as a better option than unreliable materials such as plastic. This process will involve plenty of questions and it is not as effective when the selling process is straightforward.

Challenger sale

When it comes to the challenger sales methodology, you are educating the buyer about something they are not yet familiar with. Whether it be a problem they aren’t aware of, or the costs involved when you are operating without a CRM. It takes plenty of experience and knowledge to use this method, so it is better left to the experienced salespeople.

Office work

Snap selling

There is intense busyness for many buyers across different industries. Snap selling takes advantage of this. The snap selling technique is all about making your service insanely easy to be brought. You are making it super easy for the customer to deal with you and understand the services you’re providing. You need to ensure that what you are selling stands out and is a great choice for the average customer. Just keep your approach focused on those two things, and you will succeed.

Spin selling

This is a tactic that involves a question-based approach. It will start with questions about the buyer. You will then need to encourage the buyer to start talking about their needs and problems. The seller can then ask all the questions that eventually identify the long-term consequences of the problem, which will build a real urgency.
You need to get the buyer talking. Get them talking about the benefits that the solution can offer them and how much better off they could be. These questions will help the buyer to sell themselves, to your product or service!

Inbound Sales Methodology

Lastly, there are inbound sales. A powerful technique that enables you to take advantage of the many buyers that conduct their own research before talking to a salesperson. Using this type of framework, you are able to position your solution as a natural choice for the buyer. Ideally, the customer will already be familiar with your company. To make effective use of inbound sales, you are going to need an inbound marketing department that can come up with the specifics.

All in all, it’s clear that a coordinated approach is the most essential part of any B2B sales framework.

These methods are all effective when used at the right time and place, and are executed appropriately. Knowing when and how to apply each of these is a very important skill to learn. Ensure you are well educated in this field before going any further.

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