Designing A Room For Your Infant

Baby Room Design

Mothers and soon to be mothers create their baby nursery at a different time. Mums can start planning the baby room before they become pregnant if they are fortunate enough to choose the gender of the baby, while others like to do it when they get the definite test tick of approval and then you have a handful of other mothers who prefer to do it close to when the baby is due.

There are so many options out there depending on how you want to design your nursery here are a few tips to help:

The Baby’s Cot

Unlike the past, we now have so many options to choose from different colours, materials shapes and designs. Don’t rush into buying the furniture first think about what style you are going for with your nursery and what style cot would suit the room design. They have adaptable cots that convert to a toddler bed, so they grow with your child; this can be a good option for the budgeting type.


If you choose not to select the baby’s gender or to leave the sex of the baby a surprise, then it is suggested to go with a beautiful neutral design. Some people think these designs are dull, but you always add some pops of colour once the baby is born. There are beautiful wallpaper designs for neutral as well as cot blankets and furniture. Adding things like a lamp and floor rug can add some warmth to the room.


Are you struggling?

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the options out there? You can always check online platforms like Pinterest for some great ideas that you can save for later on.

Remember because it is a nursery doesn’t mean you are limited to just using nursery items. Having decor items like fake plants and bookends can make a difference in the style of the room. If you find you are still struggling with it all you can seek the assistance from a professional interior designer. Some designers specialise in baby nurseries who can come to your home and help you make the decisions needed to finish the room. Most designers have a portfolio of other jobs they have completed which can give you some ideas about how the designer creates a look.

Nursery chair or no nursery chair?

There are different opinions surrounding nursery chairs. Some think it’s silly while others love having a particular spot in a lovely room to feed and cuddle the baby. If you choose to have a chair, ensure you purchase a decent and comfortable one, as you will spend a lot of time during the night in this chair. Chairs that recline are fantastic to help keep you comfortable when trying to settle a baby and aid in keeping the weight off your body. Electronic ones work well, as when the baby is asleep it can be hard to get out of the chair while keeping the child exit the chair without moving too much and waking the baby.

Don’t let yourself become stressed and worried about the nursery if you feel a little overwhelmed ask for help. Make it fun, invite some friends over have a few snacks together and work with each other’s idea to create something unique.

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