How Tiling Choice Can Determine Sales of a Home Decor Store


Starting a business often comes with challenges. When smart home decor store owners promote new products, they strive to target the right customers. However, the choice of tiling material inside the store is essential. There is no alternative to enhancing the interior space with modern floor tiles to win over customers. Here are some tips collated from several interior designers in Sydney that can improve every home decor seller’s store.

Build a Curated Tile Showroom

If your home decor store sells flooring materials, it’s an excellent opportunity to display them. Apart from selling high-quality floor tiles, your store design needs to be attractive. It goes beyond stocking the home decor store with a range of tiling products. Customers want to visit and access your collections. 

Building a curated tile showroom is an excellent sales strategy. The workspace and gallery of floor tiles can attract clients to patronise your products. If the store has high ceilings, a 3-tier aisle with a range of floor tiles will create more appeal. 

Regular square sizes like 800×800 and 600×600 mm can fit perfectly. In the real estate industry, most buyers spend time comparing building materials before they can choose. It’s better to stock durable and well-made floor tile products for customers.

Between Floor Tiles and Carpet

I am enthusiastic about using carpets to beautify floors and create a warm indoor space. However, I would go with a good tiling option if the condition involves increasing sales. Unlike carpet that wears after a certain period, durable floor tiles help to save money. 


Your home decor store might not require constant floor covering upgrades. High-quality ceramic tiles are impact-proof to water, and stains and can retain their shine with regular cleaning. It impresses walk-in customers when they enter decor stores with tiles that fit the entire floor space. Getting expert installers to deliver high-quality floor covering jobs can help store owners to boost customers’ satisfaction.

Be Ready To Customise Your Store Design

Usually, home decor store owners are disappointed when they can’t get installation experts for floor tiles. These entrepreneurs can augment minimalistic interior designs with tiles. Generally, the layout of your retail store needs consistent decorative designs. 

Apart from floors, business owners can use customised tiles to beautify the walls of their office spaces. It’s better to hire building contractors with installation-related experiences. As professionals with integrity, contractors that have verifiable references are reliable. Also, they can help store owners with tiling designs and customised installation services. 

Maintain A Corporate Appearance

In business, perception is vital, and it’s not limited to customers. Creating ‘eye-catching’ floor tile décor and designs with multiple colours often makes workspaces appear like disco floors. Keeping a corporate appearance can help the store owner convince customers. Naturally, people assess business environments by the quality of what they see around. So, the home decor business owner must act professionally. 

Choose Outstanding Floor Tiles

When white glossy ceramic tiles cover the store floor, it creates a clean and simple interior design. White is a natural and unique colour because it’s easy to spot stains on them. However, a little cleaning of kitchen backsplash, floor and bathroom wall tiles can boost customers’ experiences when they visit your store. It’s important to choose tiles that are not permeable because they can be better decorative materials than regular tiles.

Get modern minimalist wall tiles that complement your store’s hardwood designs. If you need an interior design expert to guide your choice, don’t forget to check the local directory. Apart from offering consultations, the right interior designer understands how to boost sales with high level tiling materials.

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