How to Budget for Tasmania

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Are you dreaming of taking a trip to Tasmania? Maybe you’ve already booked a time to visit? I don’t blame you! Tasmania gets over 1 million visitors per year. It’s truly amazing. That said, you’ll need to do the boring stuff first – planning your budget: how much your trip fare would cost, how much money you need for daily expenses, how much your accommodation would cost while on the journey and more.

Budgeting is as important in private life as it is in business. Think about it as your job – and make sure you prioritise the budgeting over bikini shopping!

Knowing the budget would help you decide when you are financially able to travel. Actually, the budget for your trip depends on whether you’ll drive, go by boat or fly. It’s very important that as you are planning for your trip, that you plan your travel budget as well. To help you through here is how to budget when preparing to go Tasmania.

Check out my best budget tips below!

Prepare a budget for major transportation

The first step (after deciding on your vacation destination) is to find out how much it would cost to actually get there. And this will probably take up a large part of your budget. Since your vacation destination is on an island, you would need to pay for a flight (or a boat), both of which are quite expensive. Therefore, you may need to consider various flight options to your destination to see which one is more suitable for you.

Prepare a budget for other transportation

Since you wouldn’t be going in your personal car, you would need to budget for other transportation within your chosen destination as well. Tasmania is a beautiful drive! But you need local transportation, which you can often find at the airport. Depending on your where you land and your reason for travelling, local transportation may be a better and less expensive option than to pay for guided tours in the city, for example. Simple internet research on car hire and local transportation in the destination city would help you to cut costs and prepare a better budget.

If you have more than one city to tour, properly research the best and cheapest option to get you from one city to the next. And then add these costs to your budget.

Travel to Hobart in Style

Make a budget for your accommodation

Another very important consideration is your accommodation. The kind of accommodation you choose will determine how much you would budget for accommodation. For instance, you can decide whether you want a hostel, hotel or guesthouse, or an apartment. There are many luxury accommodation options available in Tasmania, some of which are quite affordable when booking in time. Whatever accommodation option you choose, it is advisable to do your research, read reviews, and understand their prices of accommodation in the area you wish to visit. The best hotels in Hobart offer dinner, so you can eat on arrival and settle in immediately. You would need to ascertain how long you would stay for the vacation to estimate the total amount you would spend on accommodation. Note that this is just the budget planning phase, so you’re not choosing where to lodge yet but just want to have an idea of the cost of accommodation, which you must add to your budget.

Make a budget for your food

This is a very critical consideration. You can’t go without food, yet the budget on food is always the most difficult area to estimate. Your budget for food will depend on your tour destination. For instance, in some cities, it is more expensive to eat out while the same is cheaper in some other cities.

More so, it is harder to estimate the exact amount you would spend on each meal but you can only use your best judgement. For instance, if you’re travelling to Hobart, you may need to estimate $15 for lunch, $35 for dinner, and a few dollars for soda or water during the day. If you drink alcohol, you may need to factor that in as well. Tasmania has some amazing wine!

Also, you may end up spending less than that if you don’t eat at expensive places.

To cut down on the food budget, you may consider guesthouses and hotels that include breakfast or apartment rental that gives access to a kitchen. You would save more money cooking and eating meals in the apartment.

Make a budget for activities

Finally, include in your budget spending on miscellaneous activities. Do you plan to go on a hot air balloon ride or scuba diving? Do you want to visit tourist attraction centres, parks, museums, etc.? Would you like to go shopping when you travel or buy some postcards? Then you would need to add extra money to your budget for these activities. You may also need to keep some money for contingencies, just in case!

Don’t forget to add up all these to your budget and sum up the total cost. This will help you to have an estimate of your total travel expenses, which will help you to determine if the trip is something you can afford.

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