How to create your own Sauna

Sauna room

Sauna is a small room used for hot-air or steam bath used for freshening and cleansing your body. You can make your sauna inside your house or even in your outdoor space. It is very easy to build it if you follow these steps.

Having a comfortable sauna bath has a lot of advantages. Sauna improves the way your heart works. It is said to improve your cardiovascular functions as having sauna baths is said to relieve stress and hypertension. It is seen that people who have sauna baths twice a week have a lower mortality rate. Also, Sauna is used as aid after intense workouts as it is said to relieve tight muscles and have a soothing effect on our muscles. Blood circulation is regulated as blood cells dilate when having this bath. Sauna helps us to flush out the toxins and dirt out of our body in the form of skin pores and by the form of sweat. It has been seen through studies that sauna can reduce the rate of Alzheimer’s and dementia by 65 per cent. Having a sauna bath is said to have reduced calories from our body which can indirectly result in our weight loss. This is recommended after a workout as it will both relieve your muscles and burn calories. It is possible because your heart works a little bit faster.

Sauna design

Follow these instructions to build your own sauna (DIY Sauna).

  1. Pick your place and size: the first step you got to do when building your own sauna is to pick the space and size you are going to build the sauna. Have a detailed plan about the size and space required. It is best advisable that you keep it away from your house as usual, in the sauna, heat is produced by burning wood. If it is away from your houses, it can potentially reduce the risk of damage to your house, in case of a fire in it.
  2. Pick up the materials used: mostly commonly cedar wood is used for building a sauna. You will need to concrete the walls and then use polished cedarwood to finish the floor and walls and tables. For insulation, fibreglass and aluminium vapour barrier is the most advised.
  3. Add your unique element for your sauna: Your sauna is your own imagination. If interested you can add your own twist to your sauna. Add your own element to it.
  4. Choose your heat source: Basically, sauna requires a heat source which is obvious. The most commonly used heat source is burned wood as already mentioned above. There are a plethora of options for choosing a heat source for your sauna. You will need a water source if you choose to have a w vapour powered sauna. Moreover, ensure that you consult with someone on having the right air compressor used for the sauna. Temperature control and moisture regulators are crucial factors that go into creating an ideal sauna for yourself.
  5. Wiring: Wiring is one of the most important and essentials needed because obviously, you can’t be in the dark. Wiring for the lights, heater, vacuum pumps and locks is essential while building.
  6. Choose a heat reflector: Your heat reflectors should be insulators. As mentioned above, fibreglass is one of the most common materials used in a sauna.
  7. Add rocks: Add rocks to your sauna if interested to check whether the room has reached the temperature or else your heater will show a blue prematurely.
  8. Cost your plan: After you have planned your sauna, cost it out how much is going to be your expense for the labour charge (if used), materials, etc. always remember to be cost-effective. Always choose the cheap and best materials from a good rated store.

Follow all these steps, to build your own sauna and sweat it out. Have a healthy body.

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