How to set up a venue for a professional client meeting

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Choosing or hiring the correct venue for a formal meeting can be a daunting task. Not only does it require a balance of appropriate timing and a negotiated deal, but it must also serve the purpose of the meeting. Finding a venue for a client meeting can be a whole hectic and cumbersome process. There are various conditions and parameters to be kept in mind while choosing the venue. A good venue is often the deal cracker in a meeting as well as leaves a lasting impression on the clients. It is therefore imperative that proper and timely research should be done before fixing on a place for a meeting.

  • The prime requirement for a corporate event venue is to prepare the guest list. The venue can only be fixed after the actual number of people from both the clients and the host parties are calculated. This gives an easy way to arrange for a setup required for the meeting without having to rush for immediate arrangements at the very moment, which of course leaves not a very good impression on the party.
  • The venue must serve the very purpose of the meeting: conference, business deal, presentation, casual and the likes.  The setup for the same can be arranged accordingly in advance which releases the last moment hustle and makes the entire process smooth. Also to keep in mind the mood of the meeting. For an afternoon meeting, the venue must be light-hearted, well-lit and spacious to keep the team spirit constant. For meetings with a large group, a stoic and serious atmosphere is required to establish the purpose.
  • The food and beverages are other important elements while fixing a venue. For a short meeting, tea/coffee and light snacks would suffice. However, for hosting a luncheon, guests will expect a proper meal.
  • The facilities and services of the venue must be excellent to the extent that it leaves a lasting impression on the clients. A good hospitable attitude is often an indication of a successful venture.
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  • The location of the venue is yet another important criteria while selecting the venue. The distance that the clients have to travel from the origin must be kept in mind. It must be convenient for them. Choosing a venue too far off will make a tiring journey for the clients as well as kill the vibe of the meeting.  Also if the clients are travelling from another city/country, arrangements for their stay have to be made in the venue itself. These factors are essential for a comfortable experience for the clients.
  • Facilities in the form of equipment like stable Wi-Fi / audio-visual equipment and proper customer care support is essential for an uninterrupted meeting. These technicalities must be checked prior to the meeting and a proper backup plan must be ready at hand.
  • One of the key elements is checking the weather forecast. To be updated and making best arrangements, these details are needed to be paid attention at. The venue must be selected in accordance with the weather. An indoor place for monsoon or storms, while outdoor places like a terrace, roof-tops for an easy breezy day.
  • Also to keep in mind is the budget. The venue should be budget-friendly with regards to company standards. It should not overburden the resources or tarnish the reputation of the company.

After paying attention to even the minute details, a successful and efficient meeting will be the end result. It is a tedious job to locate and choose an appropriate venue for meetings, but once the task is done, it releases major stress and gives ample amount of time to relocate the energy on the meeting.

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