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Among the best ways to understand why somebody should buy from you, and what are the points of difference, is to research your competition. What is it they do well, and what are they doing not so successfully?

The web makes this very straightforward. The competition is telling the market place, even though it’s quite common that people have excellent offline advertising and have only thrown up a site as an afterthought. However, if online marketing is an option for your organisation, and there are just a few for which this isn’t true, the very best in your business will demonstrate how it is done.

I hadn’t been to my main competitor’s website for some time, so I decided to go for another visit. And I found that almost nothing on his website had changed, and with my present understanding, I recognised he has no internet advertising strategy. His company was unchanged from the time I first met him. He did not appear to have grown.

I know that my competitors are spying on me, but all they’re seeing is the tip of the iceberg. If you know what to search for, even the secret sauce can be revealed. And I expect my main competitor learnt a bit about internet marketing but there’s loads of space for both of us, and I respect him for how he motivated me.

But among the highest accolades you can receive is when someone copies what you do, and the only way you can become the best is to see what the best are doing.

So are you checking out your competitors online? Perhaps see ways to differentiate your organisation better. Remember the best are marketing themselves, and while they might not be your direct competitors, there is still a lot you can learn from them.

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