Your biggest obstacle to success is YOU

negative people are bad for business

You are the only one that is scaring away potential customers.

You are not booking the number of weddings you desire, you’re beginning to get scared, and because of that, you are inadvertently driving away customers!

You keep attempting to promote, advertising, posting on IG 3x per day, Facebook, writing on each referral article on Facebook that ever existed, becoming a louder and louder someone, “please visit me, hear me, publish me”.

Are you nice? Were you too bizarre?

It stinks until you end up binge eating corn chips and watching the Bachelor again and again.

The truth is your pricing, your site, even how great your work is, are not the things which will get you booked, and the further you push push push, the further you are pushing yourself into the back burner of somebody’s mind.
Do break up with you to date another individual who is not as pretty/handsome as you? Or had someone booked another photographer who was not as accomplished as you?

You can blame the election, whatever or whoever you need to but the fact is that there are a lot of people out there ready and willing to splurge on their photography if you can do this one thing:

Be Captivating!

When you’re ready to inspire people in a manner that surpasses logic, you may have happier customers, have loyal customers, and your company will continue growing.

Break from the hamster wheel and concentrate on discovering that magical spark.

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